Calum McIlroy is a guitarist, mandolinist and Scots singer from Elrick in Aberdeenshire. A proponent of the flat-picking style of guitar and mandolin playing, a strong sense of melody is at the heart of his music.


His arrangements feature self-composed material, as well as tunes from a variety of traditions, all presented with detail and intricacy.

A student at the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, he has been taught by highly regarded tutors such as Kevin MacKenzie, Innes Watson and Fiona Hunter.

He fronts his own trio featuring Megan MacDonald (EabhalHEISK) on accordion and backing vocals, and Ruairidh Gollan on fiddle.

Calum plays;

McIlroy A20 guitar, made by Dermot McIlroy in Antrim, NI

Taran Springwell mandolin, made by Rory Dowling in Fife, Scotland

Wegen Picks

Elixir Strings

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