This Ill Deeds Transcriptions

The complete collection of scores from This Ill Deeds. This transcription collection includes a consolidated version of each track on the EP, written in standard notation with chord symbols and guitar/mandolin TAB.


If you fancy learning the tunes, including the mixed meter tune It's Sadder Than That, or you want to learn the chord progressions from the songs, this transcription collection has you covered. 1st guitar parts for Memories of Argyll and When First I Came to Caledonia include fully scored sections.

This Ill Deeds Transcriptions


1. Mistress Greig

2. It's Sadder Than That

3. When First I Came to Caledonia

4(a). Michael Murphy's

5. Memories of Argyll


N.B. Pipe Major Jim Christie of Wick licenced to Kerr's Music Corp Ltd. It can be found in My Fiddle and Me book by Addie Harper

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