Are you looking for a unique gift, or would you like to commemorate a special occasion? Why not commission your very own tune!

Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, a special trip, in memory of a loved one, or anything in between, I will compose a one of a kind tune in collaboration with you.

Here is an example of a tune that was commissioned by my brother, Adam for his partner, Camilla. 

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Camilla had just had a nasty fall off of her bike and was in a sling, and Adam wanted this to be reflected in the tune which was given as a birthday gift. Adam chose to name the tune Crippled-wing Reel.

Other "commemorative" tunes I have written include Greta Ross' Birthday (for my Grannie's 90th), Anna's Waltz (to celebrate Anna's 1st class honours degree), and Auntie Mel's Reel (for my auntie's 60th birthday).

Tune commissions are priced at £120. A framed copy and digital version of the melody sheet music, and an MP3 recording of the tune, with guitar accompaniment are included.